One Step at a Time

I’ve always had trouble exercising. The reason it’s been hard for me is a couple of things: firstly, every time I ran out of breath doing something I felt like I was going to die. The likelihood of dying from taking a few steps on the elliptical┬ámachine is very small since I’m not a 90-year-old […]

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What’s Your Problem?

Have you ever asked anyone “dude, what’s your problem?” I’m sure I’ve said it to strangers when they were rude. I can remember some occasions where I said it so someone close to me. I have a handful of problems right now, but if someone (anyone) asked me what my problem […]

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Is This Thing On?

I find myself at a loss for what to say right now. I don’t want to say “anymore” because I want this feeling to be temporary. The reality is that I don’t know how long it’ll last but it certainly feels like forever. That’s the thing about feeling down, it feels like it’s SO long […]

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Do it Anyway

I feel down today, but I have shit to do; I am going to do it anyway. Sure, it’s frustrating, but I’m not going to try to change how I feel, but rather work with those feelings as they arise.

I don’t know what is going to happen.

I’m not sure if I […]

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Take Action and Use Distraction

When I was a child and upset about something or other, my mom used to distract me. Rather than ruminate on the issue or try to fix the un-fixable, she would be like “look at that rainbow! Isn’t that awesome?” As a kid, I didn’t know what she was doing, but now that I have […]

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I resent my sensitivity but now…

We can’t change who we are. We are born, we develop our personalities as we grow up from children to adults. I’m not an early childhood development specialist, but I do know that. I was once a child, grew into a teenager and I’ve become something like an adult. Throughout this journey, I’ve identified as […]

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Mindfulness – I am here now

I am here now, typing these words. I don’t exactly know what to say, but I do know that I am sitting in a chair writing. It’s neither happy nor sad. I don’t feel anger nor do I feel frustration. I feel like me in this moment. I am not judging what I

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