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Taking Inventory and Going From There

Sometimes I know what to do. I think about a problem, I analyze it from a logical perspective and then I take a leap and solve it. The analysis process could go on for some time, it could potentially involve consulting with experts otherwise known as my friends and family, and then I’m ready to go into solution mode. Right now, I have a lot of issues to work on and I’m not going to lie, I am overwhelmed. It’s funny to say I am overwhelmed because I live with chronic anxiety, so basically, it’s another Wednesday. I’m attempting to accept my anxious state and roll with it. But anyway, I’m not great at making lists but I’m getting better at them. I believe that lists are an essential part of being an adult. I’ve discovered that there’s no wrong way to make a list! I remember in Frog and Toad when Toad makes a list. He gets flustered when the list blows away and then he doesn’t know what to do. But then, something awesome happens. He figures out how to deal with his current situation without the list. What can we learn from this? While lists are useful, we can survive without them if need be.

Problems are a part of life, but I’ve started reframing them as “challenges.” When you look at a “problem” as a “challenge” it makes it feel more positive. A challenge is something you see in a game. “I challenge you to a round of Connect Four” or “I can beat you at UNO.” Challenges allow us the opportunity to confront the issue and respond. Don’t be afraid of a challenge…well you can be afraid of it, but confront it anyway.

And that’s the thing: I’m so good at helping other people through their challenges but not so great at helping myself. I’m realizing more and more that I need to take some self-inventory. I’m not a big fan of the word “self-care” because it’s trendy and seems like something we need to do anyway, but the concept is something I do endorse. By all means, take care of yourself. Look within yourself and find what you like, and then honor that. Look inside and find the things you want to change and then work hard to change them. See? I’m helping you and not looking at my own shit again. Old habits die hard right?

So, I promise you this: I will look inward and change what needs changing, just like a diaper. Haha, sorry I had to go there. But in all seriousness, it’s important to do this on a regular basis. I’m learning that when I take better care of myself it impacts every area of my life in a positive way. It’s not selfish to set boundaries and care for yourself. You can and so can I. Let’s do it together! Write a comment about how you take care of yourself. What things help you when you feel overwhelmed or down?